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Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust ISAT

Iontaobhas Apnoea Codlata na hÉireann

The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust promotes awareness, understanding and treatment of Sleep Apnoea through education, research and fund raising.

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Probably the best Sleep Disorders site to start with:-

Phantom Sleep Resources
FAQ and their Sleep Apnoea Self Quiz written by Doug Linder.

Ask NOAH About Sleep and Sleep Disorders.

Sleep Net collection of links with ratings


Cephalon UK | neurological disorders | diseases of the nervous system and brain | sleep disorders and cancer.  Cephalon UK is committed to providing patients and the medical community with novel therapies to treat unmet medical conditions through its proprietary research programs and by acquiring promising products for clinical development. 


Sleep Apnoea an Identifiable Cause of Hypertension
The Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure (JNC 7) lists sleep apnea as an identifiable cause of hypertension.


Information about a variety of sleep disorders, SleepNet "Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask.  Contains discussion forums, information about disorders, sleep links, news, etc. page) forums)


American Sleep Disorders Association (ASDA) (oriented towards medical professionals)


National Sleep Foundation (NSF) USA


National Library of Medicine (part of National Institute of Health) (USA) publications - Biblio Sleep - bibliography of sleep related papers from 1992 to present.


NAPS - New Abstracts and Papers in Sleep; recent papers on sleep topics.


Sleep Medicine home page; collection of links in MANY categories: support groups, sources of information, books, medications, etc.,


Sleep Centre, Inc.; a variety of sleep-related info, including an excellent Sleep Centre Link List  Note: some of these links now appear to be broken.

Sleep Medicine Associates of Dallas, Texas; info about sleep disorders, CPA  tips, Epworth Sleepiness Test (self-quiz with scoring)

Glossary of sleep and sleep test terms and abbreviations from the same web site



Columbus Community Hospital; What should you know about sleep and sleep disorders? Includes self-tests.



Wake Forest University Department of Neurology; descriptions of sleep test and  several sleep disorders; a convenient, short overview

Sleep Matters, the quarterly newsletter of the UK Sleep Apnoea (British for apnea) Trust Association (SATA), a registered charity "... to improve the lot of sleep apnoea patients, their partners and their families"


Sleep Apnea and Strokes


Dr. Koop's Medical Encyclopedia - apnea


A.P.N.E.A. Net - Apnea Patient's News, Education, & Awareness Network


Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain

Doctor Rose Peripheral Brain Table of Contents



American Board of Sleep Medicine

The American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM) was established to encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards of Sleep Medicine, and issue certificates of special knowledge in Sleep Medicine.



Associated Professional Sleep Societies

The Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) was formed in 1986 as a federation of two sleep societies. The Sleep Research Society and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine sought to multiply their individual efforts by joining together for an annual meeting and a publication of a scientific journal, SLEEP.



Journal SLEEP

The journal publishes articles ranging from clinical investigation of sleep/wake disorders and medical problems during sleep to investigations of the basic physiological and biomedical events and anatomical structures in normal and abnormal sleep.



MEDSleep Educational Materials

In 1996, under the leadership of Director Claude Lenfant, M.D., the NHLBI National Center of Sleep Disorders Research established the Sleep Academic Awards program. The program was developed to improve the quality of medical education , stimulate the development of patient & community education and encourage high quality clinical and basic research programs and clinical practice guidelines focused on the diagnosis, treatment and control of sleep disorders.



Sleep Medicine Education and Research Foundation

The Sleep Medicine Education and Research Foundation, approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Board of Directors in March 1998, was established to serve two distinct purposes: to promote education, and to fund research.



Sleep Research Society

The Sleep Research Society exists to promote the understanding of the processes of sleep and its disorders through research, the training of practitioners of research and the dissemination of the fruits of their efforts to the scientific and medical communities as well as the general public.



Silent Nights (North Wales)

Silent Nights, the Support Group for sufferers of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in North Wales, was set up in October 2001. It is an informal network which brings together sufferers and their families and friends so everyone can better understand the condition and offer support to each other.  Silent Nights and this web site are run entirely on a voluntary basis. Welsh Translation by Elina Owen.



VSS Sleep Systems - Blueprint For a Perfect Night's Sleep

V3 Patented Technology that senses your body's size & shape & adjusts automatically. Regulated temperature and humidity provide proven sleep benefits. Unconditional One-Year Money-Back Guarantee!



Austrian Sleep Research Association (ASRA)

The Austrian Sleep Research Association (ASRA) was founded in 1992 and is a scientific organization dedicated to research into sleep and its disorders.
It has developed standards concerning clinical diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sleep and wakefulness during the day.


1Up Health - Medical Encyclopedia

Extensive information on over 4000 topics arranged in an A-Z order covering diseases, symptoms, tests, surgery, injuries, nutrition, medications, and poisons.



AllRefer Reference - Health and Medicine Encyclopedia

Browse encyclopedia articles on topics covered under anatomy and physiology, pathology, medicine, pharmacology, psychology and psychiatry, and biographies.




Sleep A to Zzzz

From apnea, insomnia, and sleep disorders to sociological and zoological facts. Discover the complexity and importance of your daily biological ritual. We spend about one third of our life sleeping. So, why not begin a journey into the world of Sleep?
Among topics introduced, from Apnea (apnoea) (& other sleep disorders), Biological factors & Brain involvement, Economic impact, Geriatrics, Insomnia, Sociological aspects, to Zoological (Animals' sleep). Our unique health information source comes in your choice of many languages, and defines sleep idiom nuances. Many resources and experts were consulted to bring you accurate information in ways you will enjoy!




WWW.L-O-C-A-L.COM.   This site is a regional directory striving to provide relevant links classified by topic and region.  Websites with relevant content are encouraged to submit their links to us. Thank you for visiting. Local links from Ireland

Health Web Links.  This site carries excellent links to many websites dealing with all sorts of health issues.

Sleep HQ: Categorised resource directory for everything about sleep. Great Links to topical issues on sleep disorders, etc.  While we do not usually link to commercially oriented websites, the wealth of practical information overwhelms the commerciality of this site.


The British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM).  

The BSocDSM will be launched at a two-day residential sleep seminar 'An exploration of Dental Sleep Medicine and the role of the GDP' in Oxford on Friday 29th - Saturday 30th April 2005.  Details can be found at  Practitioners interested in the treatment of anti-social snoring and OSA with dental appliances are urged to register for what we believe should be a most informative and stimulating course. 
The BSocDSM wishes to promote research on the use of oral appliances for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing and intends to provide training and resources for those who work directly with patients. The BSDSM members intend to collaborate with colleagues to learn about oral appliances and the role they play in the recognition and treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. The society wishes to build bridges and form relationships with the medical community, especially in sleep centres, and other professional groups who play an integral part of the sleep disorders treatment and research team. 
The BSocDSM intends to help educate practitioner Dentists through clinical meetings that keep leading-edge ideas accessible and establish and maintain appropriate treatment protocol.  The BSDSM also intends to reach out to the community at large, working towards the creation of a positive public awareness of sleep disorders and the role of the Dentist in recognition and treatment of sleep breathing disorders.



Tips for Insomnia

If you are having sleeping disorders or sleep problems then
you are insomniac and that needs to be cured, how we can tell.



What is saas?
saas stands for the "Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service" It was originally set up in 1994 to provide a service for general practitioners but started to provide a direct service to the public in 1998. It is not free and is supported by consultation fees and by the time given by Chris Idzikowski (who is Chris Idzikowski?)



Sleep Disorders Guide - A comprehensive information guide about sleep disorders.
Descriptions, symptoms, causes, treatments of various sleep disorders like sleep apnoea, insomnia, snoring, restless legs and narcolepsy.
Sleep Disorders - Complete information regarding every sleep disorder, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment methods and self care tips.