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Are you diagnosed as Suffering from Sleep Apnoea
If so, why not Join the Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust

Just print this page, fill it in fully and send it along to the address below.

NAME:       ________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________

 HOME:    __________________
 WORK:    _________________________
 MOBILE:  _________________________

 EMAIL:    _________________________         N.B.

HOSPITAL ATTENDED: _________________________________________________


SIGNED:  ________________ DATE: ___________

 Please send to: -

Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT),
Agnelli House
Naas Road
Dublin 12.

The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust is a non-profit making national support group for sufferers of Sleep Apnoea.  The Trust is managed by Sleep Apnoea sufferers for the sole benefit of fellow sufferers. Our loyalty is to Sleep Apnoea sufferers.  In making this application, please understand that it is our intention to communicate with you by email only if at all possible, in order to save on postal charges.

Your email and privacy is assured.

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