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Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust ISAT

Iontaobhas Apnoea Codlata na hÉireann

The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust promotes awareness, understanding and treatment of Sleep Apnoea through education, research and fund raising.

OSA - CPAP Compliance Survey in Ireland by ISAT - 2011/2012

For many years the Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust (ISAT) has tried (unsuccessfully) to put figures on the numbers undergoing CPAP treatment therapy and how compliant patients' are.  Without accurate figures it is almost impossible to plan for the future, or indeed advocate for more support from Government and or the Health Service Executive (HSE).

Ms. Michele Dunne, an experienced Respiratory Scientist, has agreed to undertake an Independent National Survey on behalf of ISAT on CPAP treatment therapy compliance.

A standard questionnaire, agreed and prepared by ISAT was sent directly by the CPAP supplier companies to their patients, who have been supplied with a CPAP device over the past number of years.  Anonymity was guaranteed.

The completed questionnaires, which do not divulge identity are presently being collated by Ms. Michele Dunne.  The results will be available in due course and will be published here.  Only final national totals will be published.

Other ISAT Surveys

ISAT proposes to undertake additional online surveys.

If you are interested in partaking in these proposed surveys, please furnish your contact co-ordinates via our ISAT Online Membership page.


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